June 2006 Featured Breed- The Buckskin Horse
Including Horses Eligible for Buckskin Registries (Buckskin, Dun, Red Dun, Bridle Dun, Grulla)

Facts About Buckskins

World Champion Stallion, Phenomenal Creation, exhibits the Red Dun color.  He is owned by Rising Water Quarter Horses of Antioch, Illinois.
Contrary to the belief of many, the Buckskin or Dun horses are not a mere "color" in the equine world. Those who studied genetics some time ago believed that the Dun horse was the result of a dilution gene, and that breeding Duns and Buckskins to each other often resulted in the birth of an Albino foal. More recent studies have proven this to be in error. The true Buckskin horse may trace his lineage through a direct line of Dun or Buckskin colored ancestors, as far back as recorded history of the animal are available.

The Buckskin is thought to of originated from the Spanish Sorraia. The Norwegian Dun, found today in Norway and other Scandinavian countries is a breed so old that his actual origin is lost in antiquity. However, there are many indications that even he obtained his Dun Coloring from the horses of Spain.

One Overdun Cookie exhibits Buckskin color.   A true colored buckskin should be the color of tanned deerhide with black points. Shades may vary from yellow to dark gold. Points (mane, tail, legs) can be dark brown or black. Buckskin is clean of any smuttiness.  This mare is for sale and is currently owned by Rising Water Quarter Horses of Antioch, Illinois.

The blood of the Sorraia (and the Norwegian Dun as well) filtered into nearly every breed found in the world today, hence the fact that the Buckskin, Dun or Grulla may be found in nearly every breed.

No-the Buckskin horse in not a mere "color." Buckskins, Grulla and Duns are noted for many qualities that are not characteristic of other types of horses. Their color is an indication of the superior genetic heritage they possess. Buckskins have been long noted for their superior qualities and strength. They have more stamina, more determination, harder feet, better bone, and are generally hardier than other horses. A Buckskin with weak or spavined legs is a rarity. "Tough as wet leather" is a good description of the true Buckskin.

Reference:  International Buckskin Horse Association,  www.ibha.net



Buckskin Color Genetics

Gene C: Pigment Dilution
An allele of the C gene, known as Ccr, causes pigment dilution. Fully pigmented horses are CC. Heterozygous horses (CCcr) have red pigment diluted to yellow but black pigment is not affected. A bay (E, A) becomes a buckskin (Fig. 2A) by dilution of the red color body to yellow without affecting the black color of the mane and tail. The genetic formula for a buckskin is ww, gg, A, E, CCcr. A genetically black horse (E, aa) can carry the dilution allele without expressing it, since CCcr only affects red pigment.

Gene D: Dun Pattern and Pigment Dilution
The D gene determines a second kind of dilution of coat color and its effects can be confused with those of Ccr. However, there are several important differences of the effects of D and Ccr on color. First, D dilutes both black and red pigment on the body, but does not dilute either pigment in the points. Red body color is diluted to a pinky-red, yellowish-red or yellow; black body color is diluted to a mouse-gray. Second, in addition to pigment dilution, a predominant characteristic of the allele D is the presence of a particular pattern which includes dark points, dorsal stripe (list), shoulder stripe and leg barring. Third, homozygosity for D does not produce extreme dilution to cream as does Ccr.

Reference:  Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, UC-Davis,  http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu


Links for the Buckskin Horse

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Buckskin Stallions


SF Dry Smoken Leo
Foundation Buckskin
91 % Foundation



Phenomenal Creation
World Champion
Show Record & Sire



Modern Smoke
Breath Taking Stallion
Standing to All Breeds



Sonnys Chance Joaker

World Champion Sire




Poco Jet Spirit
Buckskin Stallion
Poco Bueno Grandson



Justa KHF Missle
Supreme Champion
Points in 12 Events



Investment Signal
World Champion
Son of Potential Career



Mananas Eclipse
Paso Fino Stallion
5 Gaited, bred to Largo


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Buckskin Horses For Sale


One Overdun Cookie
Buckskin Mare
Sire: One Good Cookie



Perfectly In Style
Dun Gelding
Cattle Horse Bred



2006 Buckskin Mare
Dun Factor Also!



Hot Lopin Sandi Sue
Point Earner
By The Therapist


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